Can You Freeze Wedding Cake with Buttercream?

If you’ve recently celebrated your wedding or any other special occasion, you might find yourself with leftover cake. Often, these cakes are made with delicious buttercream frosting, and it’s natural to wonder whether you can freeze them for future enjoyment.

Wedding cake
Wedding Cake

What is a Wedding Cake with Buttercream?

A wedding cake with buttercream is a classic dessert enjoyed at weddings and other festivities.

Buttercream is a smooth and creamy frosting made with butter, sugar, and other flavorings like vanilla or chocolate. Its rich taste and versatility make it a popular choice for cake decorating.

The Freezing Process for Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Cooling the Cake

Before freezing the wedding cake, it’s essential to cool it properly. Once the cake is baked and frosted, allow it to cool to room temperature.

This step ensures that the frosting sets, avoiding any damage during the freezing process.

Wrapping the Cake

To prevent the cake from developing freezer burn and absorbing unwanted odors, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap.

Make sure to cover the entire cake, leaving no part exposed. Alternatively, you can use a layer of aluminum foil before wrapping it with plastic wrap.

Placing the Cake in the Freezer

Place the wrapped cake in the freezer, making sure it sits flat and won’t be disturbed. It’s a good idea to place it on a flat tray or cardboard before freezing.

This step prevents the cake from sticking to freezer shelves and maintains its shape.

Duration for Freezing Wedding Cakes

A buttercream wedding cake can be safely stored in the freezer for up to six months. Beyond this period, the cake may start to lose its flavor and texture.

Thawing a Frozen Buttercream Wedding Cake

When it’s time to enjoy the frozen wedding cake, proper thawing is essential. Remove the cake from the freezer and allow it to thaw in the refrigerator for several hours.

Slow thawing in the fridge helps retain the cake’s moisture and prevents it from becoming soggy.

Tips for Maintaining Cake Quality

Using Quality Ingredients

The key to a delicious frozen wedding cake lies in the quality of its ingredients. Always use fresh, high-quality ingredients when baking and frosting the cake.

Proper Storage Containers

Choosing the right container for freezing the cake is crucial. Opt for airtight containers or heavy-duty freezer bags to maintain the cake’s freshness.

Avoiding Frost and Condensation

When thawing the cake, avoid taking it in and out of the freezer repeatedly. Frequent temperature changes can lead to condensation, affecting the cake’s texture and taste.

The Right Time to Freeze

Try to freeze the cake as soon as possible after the event. The longer the cake remains at room temperature, the greater the risk of losing its quality.

Can All Buttercream Cakes Be Frozen?

Not all buttercream cakes are suitable for freezing. Cakes with perishable fillings like fresh fruit or custard may not freeze well.

Opt for buttercream cakes with more stable fillings like jam or buttercream itself for better results.

How to Decorate a Frozen Wedding Cake

If you want to add some fresh decorations to your frozen wedding cake, do so after thawing it. Adding fresh flowers or additional frosting can enhance the cake’s appearance and taste.

Alternative Frosting Options for Freezing

If you anticipate having leftover cake and plan to freeze it, consider using a frosting that freezes better than buttercream.

Cream cheese frosting, ganache, or meringue-based frosting are excellent alternatives that maintain their texture after freezing.


Is it better to freeze a buttercream cake or keep it refrigerated?

Freezing is a better option for long-term storage, as it preserves the cake’s freshness and taste. Refrigeration can dry out the cake faster.

Can I freeze a wedding cake with fondant decorations?

Yes, you can freeze a cake with fondant decorations, but it’s essential to follow the same freezing and thawing guidelines.

How long can a buttercream cake stay frozen?

A buttercream cake can stay frozen for up to six months if properly stored.

Can I freeze a cake that has already been cut?

It’s not recommended to freeze a cake that has already been cut, as it can lead to texture and moisture issues.


Freezing a wedding cake with buttercream can be a convenient way to enjoy the celebration for months to come.

By following the proper freezing and thawing techniques and using the right ingredients, you can preserve the cake’s taste and texture.

So, don’t hesitate to freeze that leftover cake and relish the memories on your anniversaries or special occasions!

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