Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake Recipe

Looking for an impressive cake recipe? Check out the Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake, a delightful and easy-to-make treat with a perfect balance of sweet and nutty flavors, and a moist, tender crumb that’ll have you craving more.

Key Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake Ingredients & Why


Use fresh or canned, pitted, and halved apricots for this recipe.

Almond flour

Almond flour is crucial for the frangipane filling, a classic French pastry cream made from ground almonds, sugar, eggs, and butter, lending it a sweet, nutty flavor.


Softened unsalted butter enriches both the cake batter and frangipane filling, ensuring moisture.


Superfine sugar sweetens the cake batter, while powdered sugar does the same for the frangipane filling.


Opt for large eggs in the frangipane filling to bind and smoothen.

Vanilla extract

Add vanilla extract to the frangipane filling for flavor and aroma.


Use all-purpose flour for the cake batter, and a mix of all-purpose and almond flour for the frangipane to structure and texture.

How Do You Make The Best Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake?

Pâte Sucrée

  • Blend soft Butter and Icing Sugar until perfectly smooth in your stand mixer.
  • Blend Egg and Almond Meal, scraping the bowl as needed. Gradually add sifted flour and salt, mixing at low speed until a rough dough forms (see note 1).
  • Save time with apple pecan cake. Store it in an airtight container at room temperature for a few days or refrigerate for up to a week. Freeze for extended freshness.
  • Peel off the baking paper and lay the pastry in a 24 cm (9.5-inch) tart tin with a removable bottom. Press it into the corner for a 90-degree angle (refer to note 2). Trim excess with a small knife. Chill in the fridge for at least 1 hour, preferably overnight (or up to 24 hours).
  • Preheat oven to 160°C/325°F. Dock pastry, freeze while preheating, par-bake 15-20 mins until bottom’s dry, cool on wire rack.

Almond Cream Filling

  • Cream ultra-soft Butter and Sugar in a mixer for 2-3 minutes until it’s soft, creamy, and has increased in volume.
  • Blend in eggs (pre-whisked, if available) and, if you like, some vanilla paste until you achieve a smooth paste (see note 3). Add almond meal for a thick, coarse paste.
  • Evenly coat the cooled par-baked tart crust with almond cream (note 4 for guidance).


  • Wash, halve, and de-stone the apricots. Slice each apricot half into three pieces. Press the apricot slices into the almond cream, creating two distinct rings. Finish by generously sprinkling with slivered almonds for added flavor and appeal.
  • Bake at 160°C/325°F for 40-50 minutes until the almond filling is puffed and golden. Then, cool on a wire rack.
  • For added flavor, warm apricot jam in the microwave and brush it over the cooked apricots and almond filling.

Pro Tips For Making Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake Recipe

  • Opt for fresh apricots for the best flavor and texture. Otherwise, canned apricots work as a substitute.
  • Soften the butter before using. It makes creaming with sugar and batter incorporation easier.
  • Use superfine sugar, not regular granulated, for smoother cake texture.
  • Toast almond meal for enhanced nutty flavor.
  • Blend frangipane ingredients until smooth for a creamy cake texture.
  • Decoratively arrange apricot halves atop the frangipane filling for visual appeal.
  • Bake until golden brown and a toothpick in the center emerges clean for a perfectly textured cake.

How to Store Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake

  1. Refrigerate the baked cake.
  2. It stays fresh for up to 3 days.
  3. Enjoy it chilled or reheat as desired.
  4. Make the almond cream in advance; it lasts a week in the fridge and can be frozen.
  5. Best enjoyed fresh but can be refrigerated for up to 5 days.

Can You Freeze Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake?

Preserve your apricot almond frangipane cake by freezing it for 2-3 months. Simply wrap it in plastic wrap and aluminum foil before placing it in the freezer. When it’s time to enjoy, allow it to defrost at room temperature. Keep in mind that freezing may alter its texture, but it’s still perfectly safe to savor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake

What is apricot almond frangipane cake?

Indulge in the delightful combination of a buttery crust, almond cream filling, and fresh apricot slices in our apricot almond frangipane cake.

Can I use a different fruit instead of apricots?

Feel free to use apples, blueberries, or peaches as alternatives.

Is apricot almond frangipane cake vegan?

Ingredient choices in recipes can vary; some include butter and eggs, while others opt for vegan alternatives like margarine and flax eggs.

How do I store apricot almond frangipane cake?

To keep your apricot almond frangipane cake fresh, store it in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake Recipe

Jennifer Tirrell
Looking for an impressive cake recipe? Check out the Apricot Almond Frangipane Cake, a delightful and easy-to-make treat with a perfect balance of sweet and nutty flavors, and a moist, tender crumb that'll have you craving more.
Prep Time 1 hour 1 minute
Cook Time 1 hour
3 hours
Total Time 4 hours
Course Cake
Cuisine Various
Servings 10
Calories 474 kcal


Pâte Sucrée

  • 100  gr unsalted butter - soft, at room temperature
  • 50 gr icing sugar - sifted
  • 1 large egg - at room temperature
  • 40 gr  almond meal
  • 200 gr plain / all- purpose flour
  • 1 pinch fine table salt

Almond Cream Filling

  • 150 gr unsalted butter - soft, at room temperature
  • 100 gr caster sugar
  • 3 large  eggs - at room temperature
  • 150 gr almond meal
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla paste (optional)


  •  small ripe apricots - about 300 grams
  • 2  gr slivered almonds
  • 1 tablespoon apricot jam (optional) - to glaze


Pâte Sucrée

  • Combine soft Butter and Icing Sugar in your stand mixer's bowl. Mix on medium speed until completely smooth.
  • Combine the Egg and Almond Meal thoroughly, ensuring to scrape the bowl as necessary. Then, gently incorporate the sifted flour and salt at low speed until a rough dough forms (refer to note 1).
  • Shape the mixture into a ball, then sandwich it between two large sheets of parchment paper. Roll it out into a sizable disk, approximately 4mm (1/6 inch) thick. Place it on a flat tray and refrigerate for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Peel away the baking paper and place the pastry into a 24 cm (9.5-inch) tart tin with a removable bottom. Press it into the tart tin's corner to form a precise 90-degree angle (see note 2). Trim any excess using a small pairing knife. Then, let it rest in the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour, or, better yet, overnight (or up to 24 hours) for best results.
  • Begin by preheating your oven to 160°C (325°F). While it heats, dock the pastry by pricking the bottom with a fork. Pop the pastry in the freezer during this time. Afterward, par-bake it for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the bottom feels dry to the touch. Finally, let it cool completely on a wire rack.

Almond Cream Filling

  • Whether you're using a stand mixer with a paddle attachment or a hand mixer in a large bowl, cream the ultra-soft Butter and Sugar at medium speed for 2-3 minutes until it becomes soft, creamy, and noticeably increases in volume.
  • Gradually incorporate eggs (ideally pre-whisked in a separate bowl) and, if desired, vanilla paste into the mixture until it reaches a smooth consistency (refer to note 3). Then, introduce almond meal to create a thick, coarse paste.
  • Gently spread almond cream evenly over the cooled, partially baked tart pastry, as outlined in note 4.


  • Begin by washing the apricots, then carefully halve them, removing the stones. Slice each apricot half into three equal parts. Next, gently press each apricot slice into the almond cream, forming two beautiful rings of apricots. To enhance the flavor and presentation, generously sprinkle slivered almonds on top.
  • To achieve a perfect result, bake at 160°C/325°F for 40-50 minutes until the almond filling puffs up and attains a beautiful golden hue. Afterwards, let it cool on a wire rack.
  • If you'd like, you can enhance the flavor by warming apricot jam in a microwave-safe bowl and then brushing it over both the cooked apricots and the almond filling.
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