Can You Freeze a Cake with Buttercream On?

Cakes are a delightful treat enjoyed on various occasions, from birthdays to weddings. However, there are instances when you might have leftover cake, or you want to prepare in advance for a special event. The question arises: Can you freeze a cake with buttercream on?

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Buttercream 1

Freezing Cakes: A Brief Overview

Freezing is a popular method to extend the shelf life of various foods. When done correctly, freezing can preserve the taste and texture of cakes, making them an excellent make-ahead option for busy bakers.

Freezing Cakes with Buttercream: Is it Possible?

Yes, you can freeze a cake with buttercream frosting on it. Freezing cakes with buttercream is a practical solution to prevent wastage and save time when planning for events.

However, it’s crucial to follow specific steps to maintain the cake’s quality during the freezing and defrosting process.

Preparing the Cake for Freezing

Before freezing your cake, ensure it is fully cooled. Freezing a warm cake can lead to condensation, affecting the texture and taste. Once cooled, level the cake if necessary, and remove any decorations that may not freeze well.

Wrapping and Storing the Cake

To protect the cake from freezer burn and odors, it’s essential to wrap it tightly. First, wrap the cake in plastic wrap, ensuring there are no exposed areas.

After that, use aluminum foil to add an extra layer of protection. Alternatively, you can place the cake in an airtight container.

Don’t forget to label the package with the cake’s flavor and date of freezing.

The Defrosting Process

When it’s time to enjoy your frozen cake, the defrosting process is equally important. Avoid defrosting the cake at room temperature, as this can lead to uneven thawing and potential bacterial growth.

Instead, transfer the cake to the refrigerator and let it thaw slowly for several hours or overnight. This gradual thawing helps retain the cake’s moisture and taste.

Tips for Freezing Cakes with Buttercream

  • Use high-quality, airtight containers for freezing cakes with buttercream to prevent air from seeping in.
  • If your cake has elaborate decorations, consider freezing the layers separately and assembling them after thawing.
  • For longer storage, consider freezing individual cake slices, making it easier to defrost only what you need.

How Freezing Affects the Texture and Taste

When freezing a cake with buttercream, the texture and taste can be affected to some extent.

Freezing can cause the buttercream to become slightly grainy upon thawing. However, the overall taste and quality of the cake should remain relatively unchanged if stored correctly.


Can I freeze a cake with cream cheese frosting?

Yes, you can freeze a cake with cream cheese frosting. Follow the same steps as freezing a cake with buttercream for the best results.

Can fondant cakes be frozen?

Fondant cakes can be frozen, but it’s essential to remove any delicate decorations before freezing. Thawing fondant cakes in the refrigerator is recommended.

Can I freeze a cake for a year?

While cakes can be frozen for an extended period, it’s best to consume them within three months for optimal taste and texture.

Can you freeze cupcakes with buttercream icing?

Absolutely! Cupcakes with buttercream icing can be frozen using the same techniques as whole cakes.


In conclusion, freezing a cake with buttercream is a convenient way to preserve your delightful creations and plan for future celebrations.

By following proper storage and thawing techniques, you can ensure your cakes remain as delicious as the day they were baked.

So, the next time you have leftover cake or want to prepare in advance, don’t hesitate to freeze your cake with buttercream and enjoy a scrumptious treat whenever you desire.

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