Can You Freeze Ganache on a Cake?

Ganache is a rich and indulgent chocolate mixture that can elevate any dessert, especially when used as a frosting on cakes. However, there are times when you might find yourself with leftover ganache or want to prepare a cake in advance. In such situations, you might wonder if you can freeze ganache on a cake.

Ganache Cake

What is Ganache?

Before we dive into the specifics of freezing ganache, let’s understand what ganache is. Ganache is a versatile mixture made from chocolate and cream.

It is commonly used as a glaze, filling, or frosting for various desserts. The ratio of chocolate to cream determines the consistency of the ganache, ranging from pourable and glossy to thick and spreadable.

Freezing Ganache: Is it Possible?

The good news is that ganache can be frozen successfully. However, it’s essential to consider the texture and appearance of the ganache after it thaws.

Freezing and thawing can sometimes cause the ganache to separate or lose its smooth consistency.

But with the right technique, you can minimize these issues and enjoy a delicious ganache-frosted cake even after freezing.

Freezing Ganache-Frosted Cakes

When it comes to freezing ganache-frosted cakes, it’s crucial to consider the overall quality and taste of the cake once it’s thawed.

While the ganache itself can withstand freezing, the cake layers may experience some changes in texture.

Moisture can affect the crumb of the cake, potentially making it denser or altering its flavor. Therefore, it’s important to choose a cake recipe that is suitable for freezing.

How to Freeze Ganache on a Cake

To freeze ganache on a cake properly, follow these steps:

Prepare the Cake

Start by baking and cooling the cake layers according to your chosen recipe. Ensure that the cake is completely cooled before applying the ganache.

Apply the Ganache

Once the cake layers are ready, apply a thin layer of ganache to the top and sides of the cake.

This initial layer acts as a crumb coat, sealing in the moisture and providing a smooth surface for the final ganache layer.

Wrap and Freeze the Cake

After applying the ganache, it’s time to wrap the cake for freezing. Use plastic wrap or aluminum foil to tightly cover the entire cake, ensuring there are no exposed areas.

For added protection, place the wrapped cake in a freezer-safe container or airtight bag.

Label the package with the date and contents for easy identification later. It’s best to freeze the cake as soon as possible to maintain its freshness.

Thawing and Serving a Ganache-Frosted Cake

When it’s time to enjoy your ganache-frosted cake, it’s essential to thaw it properly to preserve its taste and texture. Follow these steps for a successful thawing process:

  1. Remove the wrapped cake from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator.
  2. Allow the cake to thaw slowly in the refrigerator for several hours or overnight. This gradual thawing helps prevent condensation and ensures the cake stays moist.
  3. Once thawed, remove the plastic wrap or foil, and let the cake come to room temperature before serving. This step allows the ganache to soften and the flavors to develop fully.

Tips for Freezing Ganache on a Cake

Here are some additional tips to consider when freezing ganache on a cake:

  • Use high-quality ingredients for both the ganache and the cake layers to maintain the best flavor and texture.
  • If you’re uncertain about how well a particular cake recipe freezes, consider doing a trial run with a small portion before freezing the entire cake.
  • Ensure the cake is completely cooled before applying the ganache to prevent the frosting from melting or becoming too soft.
  • If you have leftover ganache, you can also freeze it separately in an airtight container for future use.
  • Remember to label and date the frozen cake for easy identification.


Can I freeze a cake with ganache filling?

Yes, you can freeze a cake with ganache filling. Ensure that the cake is properly wrapped and sealed to prevent freezer burn.

How long can I freeze a ganache-frosted cake?

A ganache-frosted cake can be safely frozen for up to 3 months. However, for the best taste and texture, it is recommended to consume it within 1-2 months.

Can I freeze a cake with whipped ganache frosting?

Whipped ganache frostings, which have a lighter and fluffier texture, are not as suitable for freezing. The texture may change and become grainy upon thawing. It’s best to enjoy whipped ganache frosting fresh.

Should I thaw the ganache-frosted cake in the microwave?

It’s not recommended to thaw the ganache-frosted cake in the microwave as it can cause uneven thawing and potentially melt the ganache. Thawing in the refrigerator is the safest method.

Can I refreeze a ganache-frosted cake if I have leftovers?

It’s generally not advisable to refreeze a ganache-frosted cake. Repeated freezing and thawing can affect the texture and quality of both the cake and the ganache.


In conclusion, it is possible to freeze ganache on a cake, but proper technique and considerations are necessary to maintain its quality.

Freezing ganache-frosted cakes can be a convenient way to prepare desserts in advance or save leftover ganache for future use.

By following the outlined steps and tips, you can ensure that your ganache-frosted cakes retain their delicious taste and enticing appearance, even after freezing.

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