How Long Does It Take For Dairy Queen To Make A Cake?

When you’re planning to make an order a cake in Dairy Queen for a special occasion, only one question arises there that how long does DQ take to make a cake? In this post, we’re going to answer this question.

International Dairy Queen Inc is the parent company of American Dairy Queen Corporation and Dairy Queen Canada, Inc. Through its subsidiaries, they provide different types of dairy queen cake in more than 7000 locations in the United States. Their cake is perfect for any special occasion. It tastes good no matter what you put it with or eat it alone. You can have this cake for parties, birthdays, anniversaries, dinner, or lunch. 

How long does Dairy Queen take to make a cake? 

Depending on the size of the cake, DQ takes 30 minutes to bake a cake. After baking the cake, it needs to cool at room temperature or cool with the refrigerator. They always try to make your desired cake within a very short time not compromising with the quality of the cake. 

What kind of cakes does dairy queen make?

Are you planning a birthday party and need to bake a cake? Dairy Queen is an American fast-food chain that specializes in ice cream, especially frozen desserts such as sundaes, banana splits, smoothies, and soft-serve cones. They cover all of your special occasions cake-like
Blizzard Cakes, Treatzza Pizza, Birthday Cakes, Valentines Cakes, Easter Cakes, Mothers Day Cakes, Fathers Day Cakes, Graduation Cakes, Halloween Cakes, Thanksgiving Cakes, Christmas Cakes, and others Special Occasion Cakes. 


Dairy Queen Specialty Cakes include a variety of flavors including red velvet cake, chocolate fudge cake, lemon supreme cake, carrot coconut cake, and marble supreme cake. The Red Velvet Cake is a type of chocolate butter-cream or cream cheese frosting cake. The cake is light red in color with chocolate-flavored cake and the frosting has tangy cream cheese or milk chocolate flavor. The Red Velvet Cake can be served as a sheet cake, round two-layer cake filled with cream cheese icing, decorated with swirls of cream cheese topping, or iced using traditional methods.

How much is a custom Dairy Queen ice cream cake?

Dairy Queen ice cream cake price

ItemRegularBlizzard Cake
DQ Cupcake (ice cream)$2.99
DQ Heart Cake (9″)$22.99$25.99
DQ Log Cake (9″ x 4″)$19.99
DQ Round Cake (10″)$25.99$28.99
DQ Round Cake (8″)$22.99$25.99
DQ Sheet Cake (10″ x 14″)$30.99$33.99

Dairy Queen Cake Related Question Answer

How long does dairy queen cake last?

dairy queen cake will stay fresh for about one day after it is made due to dairy queen ice cream cones. Their cakes are not the same as dairy queen’s soft-serve ice cream because cakes contain ice cream pieces of cream (ice cream cones) while dairy queen’s soft ice cream serves to contain ice only. 

Does dairy queen do custom cakes?

Yes. Dairy Queen provides a custom cake. They have opened an option to add customized photos and images showing on the cake. DQ can make any design cake as per your wish. They offer cakes for all occasions.  

How do I get a custom cake from Dairy Queen?

If you want to get a dairy queen custom cake, you need to call them at 414-962-9440 and place an order. 

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