Angel Food Cake History & Fun Facts

Light and fluffy textured angel food cake is one kind of sponge cake. The delicious Angel food cake, also called ice cream cake is originated in the early 1800s in America. It became popular in the early 2000s. You can easily make an Angel cake with stiffly beaten egg whites, flour, and sugar. Cream of tartar is the most common whipping agent that is used to bake angel food cake. During cooking time of this sponge cake, it needs a delicate balance of ingredients, temperature and techniques. 

History of Angel Food Cake

American author Lettice Pierce Bryan published the first angle food cake recipe in his “The Kentucky Housewife” cookbook guide In 1839. This cookbook is considered as the first invention of no butter modern angel food cake formula. 

After that, in 1878, Isabella Stewart contained the first recipe for the Angel’s cake in her The Home Messenger Book of Tested Recipes (2nd ed.)

A lots of labor and strong beating arm are required whipping the air into the egg whites during making angel food cake. For this reason, some historian agreed that South African American slaves baked this cake for the time.

In every year, National Angel Food Cake Day is being celebrated on October 10.  This is one of the best fun food holidays that is a great day to bake a angel cake. We didn’t find any document to confirming about this national day. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

🍰 Who invented angel cake?

Angel cake (not to be confused with American Angel food cake) is a type of layered sponge cake dessert that originated in the United Kingdom, and first became popular in the late 19th century.

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