Can You Freeze Strawberries on a Cake?

When it comes to baking a delicious cake, strawberries are a delightful and refreshing addition. However, sometimes you might find yourself with more strawberries than you can use immediately. In such cases, the question arises: can you freeze strawberries on a cake? Freezing strawberries can be a great way to preserve their freshness and flavor, but the process can be tricky when dealing with cakes.

Angel Food Cake with Strawberries
Strawberries Cake

Understanding the Importance of Freezing Strawberries

Freezing strawberries is an excellent way to extend their shelf life and enjoy their sweet taste even when they are out of season.

It allows you to save fresh strawberries for later use, and if you have an abundance of them, you can use them to create delightful cake toppings.

However, the process of freezing strawberries on a cake requires some attention to detail to maintain the cake’s taste and texture.

Preparing the Strawberries

Before freezing strawberries on a cake, it is crucial to prepare the strawberries properly. Start by washing the strawberries gently under cold water and patting them dry with paper towels.

Remove the green caps and slice the strawberries into even pieces. This preparation ensures that the strawberries freeze evenly and maintain their taste and texture.

Selecting the Right Cake

Not all cakes are suitable for freezing strawberries. Sponge cakes, pound cakes, and chiffon cakes work best for this purpose.

These cakes have a sturdy structure and can handle the moisture from the strawberries without becoming mushy or soggy after freezing.

How to Freeze Strawberries on a Cake Step by Step

Cleaning and Slicing the Strawberries

As mentioned earlier, clean the strawberries and slice them into uniform pieces. This step ensures that the strawberries will freeze uniformly and maintain their quality.

Preparing the Cake

Bake your chosen cake and let it cool completely. Make sure the cake is placed on a sturdy and flat surface before proceeding to add the strawberries.

Adding the Strawberries

Once the cake has cooled down, arrange the sliced strawberries evenly on top of the cake.

You can add a thin layer of whipped cream or frosting between the strawberries and the cake to enhance the flavors.

Wrapping and Freezing the Cake

Carefully cover the cake with plastic wrap, ensuring it is tightly sealed to prevent freezer burn. Place the wrapped cake in an airtight container or a freezer-safe bag for further protection. Label the container with the freezing date for future reference.

Tips for Successful Freezing

Using Fresh and Ripe Strawberries

To ensure the best flavor after freezing, always use fresh and ripe strawberries. Avoid using strawberries that are overripe or underripe, as they may not freeze well.

Avoiding Excess Moisture

Excess moisture can cause the cake to become soggy. Be sure to dry the strawberries thoroughly after washing and slicing them to minimize excess moisture.

Choosing the Right Freezing Container

Using airtight and freezer-safe containers is essential to prevent freezer burn and preserve the cake’s taste and texture.

Thawing the Cake with Strawberries

When you are ready to enjoy your cake with frozen strawberries, remove it from the freezer and let it thaw in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Slow thawing prevents condensation from forming on the strawberries, which can affect the cake’s texture.

The Taste and Texture After Freezing

After proper freezing and thawing, your cake with strawberries should retain its delicious taste and a satisfying texture. The strawberries may soften slightly, but their flavor should remain intact.

Creative Cake Ideas Using Frozen Strawberries

Besides using frozen strawberries as a topping, you can get creative and incorporate them into the cake batter itself. Consider making strawberry swirl cakes, where you mix frozen strawberries into the batter, creating a beautiful marbled effect once baked.


Can you freeze any type of cake with strawberries?

While not all cakes are suitable for freezing strawberries, sponge cakes, pound cakes, and chiffon cakes work best for this purpose due to their sturdier structure.

How long can you keep the cake with frozen strawberries?

Properly stored in the freezer, the cake with frozen strawberries can last up to 2 to 3 months without significant loss of quality.

Can you use frozen strawberries to decorate a cake?

Yes, frozen strawberries can be used to decorate a cake, adding a burst of color and flavor to your dessert.

Should you add extra sugar to the strawberries before freezing?

If the strawberries are ripe and sweet, there’s no need to add extra sugar before freezing. However, if they are slightly tart, you can sprinkle a little sugar to enhance the sweetness.


Freezing strawberries on a cake is an excellent way to enjoy the goodness of strawberries all year round.

By following the right techniques and using fresh ingredients, you can preserve the taste and texture of the cake and strawberries.

So, the next time you have an abundance of strawberries, don’t hesitate to freeze them and create a delightful treat for any occasion.

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