10 Interesting Facts About Loaf Cake

1. Celebrate National Cake Day on November 26th with sweetness galore!

2. Ancient belief: Pillow cake brings luck in finding handsome husband.

3. Chicago's Patrick Bertoletti devours 72 cupcakes in record-breaking 6 minutes.

4. Earliest cake: Grain discs compacted for ancient culinary delight.

5. Chocolate reigns as top birthday cake flavor, followed by vanilla.

6. Legendary German chocolate cake tied to Samuel German's 1852 creation.

7. Monumental wedding cake in 2004: 15,032 pounds of culinary marvel.

8. "Royal icing" coined due to Queen Victoria's pioneering white wedding cake.

9. Symbolic origin: Round cakes mirrored sun and moon's life cycles.

10. Stacked wedding cakes: Each layer reflects couple's popularity, tradition speaks.