10 Interesting Facts About Jaffa Cakes

1. Jaffa Cakes: Named after zesty Jaffa oranges for a citrusy kick.

2. Factory magic: 18-minute creation on a mile-long conveyor over 10 acres.

3. McVitie's delight: Jaffa Cakes introduced in 1927, loved in England.

4. Sweet truth: Jaffa Cakes are cakes, exempt from VAT taxation.

5. Circular gems: 2+1⁄8-inch treats with sponge, jam, and chocolate layers.

6. Guilt-free indulgence: Each Jaffa Cake packs just 46 calories.

7. Finger-friendly: Enjoy Jaffa Cakes as a snack, no utensils needed.

8. Variety galore: Jaffa Cakes in bars, packs, big and small.

9. Flavor adventures: Limited editions like lemon-lime, strawberry, and black currant.

10. Monkey myth debunked: Jaffa Cake's name rooted in folklore.