10 Interesting Facts About Ice Cream Cake

1. Ice cream cake: a delightful blend of cake and creamy indulgence.

2. Three layers: cake, ice cream, cake, a heavenly dessert stack.

3. Crafted by molding cake and ice cream into delightful shapes.

4. Ice cream cakes, perfect for celebrations, like birthdays and weddings.

5. Originating like trifle, frozen joy with cookies and cream.

6. Tradition endures: lining molds with cake, filling with ice cream.

7. Like Baked Alaska, but ice cream stays out of the oven.

8. A party favorite in North America and Australia, less known in Europe.

9. Carvel's ice cream legacy, crowned by Fudgie the Whale cake.

10. The colossal feat: Dairy Queen's 22,333-pound ice cream cake in 2011.