10 Interesting Facts About Hevva Cake

1. Hevva cake, also known as heavy cake, uses simple ingredients.

2. Flour, lard, butter, milk, sugar, and raisins create its magic.

3. "Hevva" derives from Cornish, echoing the huer's shout for pilchards.

4. Huers baked it swiftly, ready for returning fishing crews' delight.

5. Thin and adorned with a net-like pattern, representing their catch.

6. Fishermen's wives crafted it to welcome successful homecomings lovingly.

7. Surprisingly, no leavening or eggs grace this traditional Cornish treat.

8. The secret? Currants, lending a delightful sweet-tangy flavor twist.

9. Hevva cake: an essential piece of cherished Cornish heritage.

10. Its criss-cross design pays homage to Cornwall's fishing heritage.