10 Interesting Facts About Gulung Cake

1. Discover the delightful Gulung cake, a rolled sponge with fillings.

2. Trace its roots to 19th century Central Europe, possibly Austria.

3. USA embraced the roll cake in 1852 with a sponge recipe.

4. Whip up joy with toppings like cream, sugar, and ganache.

5. Diverse fillings evolved, yet all hail from European origins.

6. In Indonesia, savor bolu gulung filled with buttercream, cheese, jam.

7. Chinese Swiss roll rocks cake layer, whipped cream filling combo.

8. Indulge in variations like ube, mango pianono Swiss rolls.

9. Genoise sponge likely crafted the original Swiss roll sensation.

10. Globally relished, pair Gulung cake with coffee, tea, or soda.