10 Interesting Facts About Gooey Butter Cake

1. Gooey butter cake: a dense, sweet St. Louis classic delight.

2. Two versions: original and cream cheese, both scrumptious options.

3. Perfect as coffee cake, not fancy dessert, informal indulgence instead.

4. Mysterious origin, perhaps born in South St. Louis by Germans.

5. Accident tale: mix-up led to delightful cake discovery, Great Depression era.

6. St. Louis treasure, cherished treat, widely adored across the region.

7. Sweet, rich, firm, sliceable - a texture like brownies but unique.

8. Not a looker, but a mouthwatering blend of buttery goodness.

9. Originally used as an edible adhesive for various baked goods.

10. An integral part of St. Louis culture, shared at gatherings.