10 Interesting Facts About Geode Cake

1. Geode cakes mimic stunning rock formations with edible candy crystals.

2. Cake cavities filled with rock candy create geode's crystal allure.

3. Trending as wedding cakes, geode designs captivate with nature's beauty.

4. Blend rock candy shades for an authentic, gradient geode appearance.

5. Elegant flair added by gold accents, dust, or shimmer flakes.

6. Explore various combos like white, purple, gold or marbled blue.

7. Geodes: spheres with crystal-lined hollows, shaped by nature's art.

8. Basaltic lavas, limestones yield diverse geode forms across landscapes.

9. Geodes span the globe from USA to Brazil, Namibia to Mexico.

10. Crystal Cave in Ohio holds the world's grandest celestine geode.