10 Interesting Facts About Genoa Cake

1. Genoa cake, a fruit cake with sultanas, cherries, almonds, and more.

2. Originated in Genoa, Italy, as a festive treat called pandolce.

3. Original pandolce had pine nuts and used yeast for rising.

4. "Genoa cake" is the UK's term for this delightful dessert.

5. Bakers in Genoa combined flour, sugar, eggs, and raisins creatively.

6. Genoa cake: a sponge cake with flour, butter, eggs, and fruits.

7. This cake is a calorie-rich delight, packing 340 kcal per 100g.

8. A traditional Genoa Christmas cake cherished through generations.

9. Adorned with sultanas, cherries, peel, and almonds, it's irresistible.

10. Genoa cake, a delectable dessert perfect for any joyous occasion.