10 Interesting Facts About Garash Cake

1. Born in Ruse, Bulgaria (1885), Garash Cake charms with chocolate magic.

2. Kosta Garash, a hotel genius, crafted this treat at Islah Hane.

3. Adorned grand receptions for royalty like Carol I and Oscar II.

4. Whisking walnuts, egg whites, and sugar – the cake's foundation.

5. Five thin cake layers embrace sweet cream-chocolate frosting, a masterpiece.

6. Bulgarian patisseries host the beloved Garash Cake's exquisite taste.

7. Chocolate delight dances with creamy nuts and sweet coconut whispers.

8. Flourless wonder, a gluten-free escape into Garash Cake's universe.

9. Indulge in decadence, savoring the cake's opulent and lavishness.

10. "Bulgarian Chocolate Death" - a title that mirrors its divine richness.