10 Interesting Facts About Flan Cake

1. Indulge in Spain and Latin America's famed caramel-topped Flan.

2. "Flan" echoes Latin "fladon," derived from German "flado" meaning flat cake.

3. Flan's journey: from savory to sweet dish, fish to caramel.

4. Romans crafted flan—eggs turned sweet and savory in surplus.

5. Middle Ages' European favorite, savored during Lent's meat abstinence.

6. Spaniards transported flan to America, elevating it to delicacy status.

7. Mexico's touch refined flan, shaping today's beloved sweet classic.

8. Name "flan" hails from Old French "flaon," rooted in Late Latin.

9. Flan's global appeal: simple preparation, coveted dessert in every kitchen.

10. Creamy custard, oven-baked, crowned with caramel; flan's exquisite texture.