10 Interesting Facts About Financier Cake

1. Delight in a French treat – the small almond Financier cake.

2. Baked with browned butter, egg whites, flour, and powdered sugar.

3. Financiers: moister than madeleines, a richer, delicate cousin.

4. Crisp shell, light interior – an eggshell-like cake perfection.

5. Molded into petits fours-like rectangles for charming elegance.

6. Back in 17th century Lorraine, Visandine nuns created this.

7. 19th century fame made it a culinary treasure in France.

8. Financier's name links to gold bar-shaped molds, a Swiss twist.

9. Near Paris stock exchange, a baker's gold-themed delight emerged.

10. Visitandines' legacy: Middle Ages treats shared brown butter, nuts.