10 Interesting Facts About Eccles Cakes

1. Born in Eccles, England, these cakes are flaky currant-filled delights.

2. Lancashire's gem: round pies with currants, topped with demerara sugar.

3. Tangy cheese companions, enjoyed during English tea with delight.

4. Lancashire tradition, Birch sold them first; recipe's true creator unknown.

5. From Lancashire County, similar cakes share the cherished flavors.

6. Spice-infused: currants, citrus peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves.

7. Microwaving mishaps revived their fame, causing unexpected fires.

8. Named after Eccles town, these cakes boast rich history and taste.

9. Cheese partners, tea treats - Eccles cakes: flaky, spiced, and sweet.

10. In 1793, Birch commercialized, gifting the world Eccles cake.