10 Interesting Facts About Dundee Cake

1. Taste Scotland's heritage: Dundee cake, a fruity delight.

2. Bursting with currants, almonds, and tangy fruit peel pieces.

3. Janet Keiller's Dundee shop birthed the cake in 18th century.

4. Keiller family, famed marmalade makers, crafted it in 19th century.

5. Ancient origins, spanning over 350 years in time's embrace.

6. Legend whispers: Queen Mary may have savored this 16th-century treat.

7. "Dundee cake" term coined by Keiller's, marmalade artisans turned bakers. 

8. Scotland flourished with similar fruity cakes across its lands.

9. India, too, embraced the cake via Britannia Industries and successors.

10. Treasure Scotland's essence: the light, cherished Dundee fruit cake.