10 Interesting Facts About Cupcake Cake

1. Cupcakes emerged late 1700s, with first mention in 1796 recipe.

2. "Cupcake" coined to recall cake ingredient measurements easily.

3. Once named "number cakes" before adopting current title.

4. Debut cupcakes baked in small pottery cups, inspiring their name.

5. Over 1,200-pound, 4-foot tall cupcake holds world record size.

6. Priciest cupcake costs $1,000, dazzles with edible gold.

7. In the US, chocolate reigns as favorite cupcake flavor.

8. Record-breaking mosaic: 20,000 cupcakes form 32x32 feet masterpiece.

9. Childhood treat evolved into favored choice for all celebrations.

10. In 2012, over 770 million cupcakes devoured in the US.