10 Interesting Facts About Cornbread Cake

1. Cornbread cake: Fast Southern treat with cornmeal, Native American roots.

2. Native Americans pioneered cornbread cakes, grinding dried corn kernels.

3. Hopi dumplings, Hidatsa naktsi, enrich Native American corn delights.

4. Cherokee, Seneca tribes add chestnuts, berries, beans, transforming cornbread.

5. 1800s saw cornbread evolve with buttermilk, eggs, bacon, flavors enhanced.

6. Bake, fry, even steam cornbread for diverse, tasty options.

7. Johnny Cakes, Corn Pone: Fried, molded cornmeal wonders to savor.

8. Versatile cornbread: Sidekick to meals or delightful dessert choice.

9. Modern cornbread rises with baking powder for light, fluffy texture.

10. Jazz up cornbread: Honey, cheese, jalapenos, bacon for tempting twist.