10 Interesting Facts About Cassava Cake

1. Experience the Filipino delight: moist Cassava cake with creamy custard.

2. Indulge guilt-free: gluten-free treat made from cassava, coconut, and milk.

3. Cassava, the versatile tuber also called yuca or manioc, stars.

4. Elevate gatherings with Philippines' favorite: Cassava cake for merienda.

5. Tracing back centuries, cassava's journey from Latin America continues.

6. Cassava cake gives a twist to traditional bibingka, using cassava batter.

7. Savor the sweet harmony of coconut, evaporated, and condensed milk.

8. Delight in chewy-soft, distinct texture thanks to the cassava base.

9. A wallet-friendly, simple dessert adored by Filipinos, perfect for gluten-intolerance.

10. Nutrient-packed cassava boasts starch, calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin C richness.