10 Interesting Facts About Cassata Cake

1. Discover Cassata: Sicily's cherished cake with rich history.

2. Palermo's flavors birthed Cassata: ricotta, pistachios, and vibrant citrus.

3. Ancient origins: egg, sugar, ricotta formed Cassata's heart.

4. Layers intertwine: sponge, ricotta, candied fruit dance in harmony.

5. Marzipan cloak, icing attire, Cassata wears artful elegance always.

6. Pan's embrace shapes Cassata, adorned by marzipan, fruits' delight.

7. Liqueur-kissed sponge, sweet ricotta mingle in Cassata's embrace.

8. Cassata's tale weaves vibrant debates, its forms know no bounds.

9. Cleveland's twist: rum-soaked layers, strawberries, cream redefine Cassata.

10. LaPuma's legacy: 1920s gift Cleveland a fresh Cassata delight.