10 Interesting Facts About Bundt Cake

1. "Bundt" links to "bund," German for gatherings, inspiring unique cakes.

2. Bundt pans shape dense, moist, doughnut-like cakes with character.

3. Nordic Ware boosted bundt pan fame in the 1950s-1960s.

4. Gugelhupf cake tradition birthed the inventive bundt pan design.

5. Bundt cakes delight with rich flavor and crispy edges galore.

6. Center tube ensures perfect baking and extra delightful edge portions.

7. Bundt cakes are a breeze to cook, no burning worries.

8. Tunnel of Fudge Cake sparked women's homemade bundt interest.

9. In the 1980s, Nordic Ware churned out 30,000 pans daily.

10. Now, 70 million US homes boast a cherished bundt pan.