10 Interesting Facts About Boston Cream Pie

1. The Boston Cream Pie defies expectations—it's a cake, not a pie!

2. Crafted in 1856 by M. Sanzian, an Armenian-French culinary artist.

3. "Boston cream pie" emerged from a quirky tradition—cakes and pies shared pans and names.

4. In 1887, the first recipe of the modern Boston Cream Pie graced Miss Parloa's Kitchen Companion.

5. The historic Omni Parker House Hotel boasts serving the inaugural Boston Cream Pie.

6. Massachusetts gave its nod, crowning Boston Cream Pie the official dessert on December 12, 1996.

7. Culinary scholars from Southern New Hampshire University whipped up a record-setting 10-foot Boston Cream Pie in 2010.

8. Behold, the delightful twist—the Boston Cream Doughnut, filled with vanilla custard and topped in chocolate icing.

9. Across oceans, Taiwan has its rendition—a chocolate-free chiffon version of the Boston Cream Pie.

10. The mystique lives on—Boston Cream Pie's origins and naming remain an enigmatic slice of history.