10 Interesting Facts About Bebinca Cake

1. Born in Goa, India, Bebinca cake flaunts layers, a legacy from Portuguese rule.

2. Known as "Goan dessert royalty," Bebinca boasts 7 to 16 layers of delight.

3. Bebinca's layers can sway between 7 and 16, molded by bakers' whims.

4. Goa craves Bebinca cake, especially when Christmas sparkles.

5. Bebinca cake's availability dances year-round thanks to bustling Goan tourism.

6. Flour, sugar, ghee, coconut milk, and egg yolks unite in Bebinca's recipe.

7. Portable and enduring, Bebinca cake suits sweet cravings on the go.

8. Bebinca cake is Goa's cherished heritage, woven with stories of the past.

9. Beyond taste, Bebinca might aid health, managing sugar, boosting immunity, and weight.

10. Globetrotter Bebinca cake leaves marks in Mozambique, a Portuguese haven in Africa.