10 Interesting Facts About Baumkuchen Cake

1. Imagine a cake resembling a tree trunk - that's Baumkuchen, a German classic.

2. German chef in Hungary jotted the first Baumkuchen recipe; its birthplace remains a mystery.

3. Crafted by layering batter on a spit, each browns before the next - rings form, like tree rings.

4. A usual Baumkuchen boasts 15-20 layers, yet experts craft 25-layer, 100-pound marvels.

5. Though German-born, Japan's love for Baumkuchen soars - from corner stores to grand bakeries.

6. German POW Karl Juchheim brought Baumkuchen to Japan, sparking a wedding gift trend.

7. In Japan, Baumkuchen signals growth and luck, its many rings embodying prosperity.

8. Japan's twist? Matcha, yuzu, sakura - local touches make their Baumkuchen unique.

9. layers baked with care on a rotating spit, brushed with caramelized butter.

10. Baumkuchen is an art - Japanese bakers make elegant packages, a cherished gift.