10 Interesting Facts About Battenberg Cake

1. A light sponge, jam-filled delight, clad in marzipan checks of pink and yellow.

2. Battenberg Cake gifts joy to Prince Louis and Princess Victoria's wedding.

3. Battenberg's squares shrink from 25 to 4, thanks to industrial bakers like Lyons.

4. German flair, decadence on Battenberg; pricey delight.

5. Checkerboard sweetness for fancy events or tea moments.

6. Bake, cut, assemble pink and yellow sponge; apricot glue.

7. Domino, Church Window, Neapolitan Roll—Battenberg fame spreads.

8. Battenberg markings on vehicles, inspired by cake's design.

9. Battenberg Cake, a confectionery symbol born in late 1800s.

10. Sponge Cake, Bakewell Tart, Simnel Cake, Madiera Cake, Swiss Roll.