10 Interesting Facts About Batik Cake

1. Batik Cake, a Malaysian no-bake dessert, draws inspiration from British tiffin.

2. Also called "Kek Batik" or "Chocolate Layered Cake.

3. Mix broken biscuits, chocolate sauce, egg custard, butter, condensed milk, Milo, and chocolate powders.

4. Named for its layered pattern resembling traditional batik art.

5. Rooted in Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines, a beloved homemade treat.

6. Served during Eid al-Fitr and Christmas celebrations.

7. Unique blend of ingredients makes Batik Cake more than a dessert.

8. Different variations include a no-cook mix-and-chill version.

9. In Brunei, the cake is topped with green color.

10. Like hedgehog slice and Prince William's chocolate biscuit cake, Batik Cake stands out with distinct ingredients.